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I'm a half swede, half pole. I know polish since childhood but don't know it fluenly. I've been teaching Swedish online for many years and would be super happy to help any of you, especially if we can have an exchange in one of the languages I'm learning.

I encourage ANY japanese out there to contact me if you feel there could be a strong connection between you and me. Whether you're learning swedish or english, I'm here to help!

"Skinned of all willpower

I, a metaphysical kangaroo

With a pouch full of empty ideas

What should I do?

I feel the entity of the power of the cosmos growing inside of me

I know what will happen to the world

The world will not disappear, only humans will

But what do we need man for if I'm so alone

I'm all alone

I need theatre

For I will show everyone my loneliness

Here I am

Look at me

I am true to myself and my ideas

And you, everybody

Follow me

Only me, come all!

I will guide you into the future

I will not rest until I have cleared the dirt from this nation

that for no reason bathes in shit

How I pant

I swear on the Holy Mother

For a revolution, murder and blood is vital

Open fire, battle ships! Open the barricades!

Leave the football matches behind you, my dears

I will show you a real goal

The violence must be crushed

How else are we going to reach the heavens?

What will become of you, beer chugging inpurities

It is a dangerous game you are playing

Sooner or later you will be castrated

I am telling you, born in the right era

I predict that you will be wasting your lives

If you do not step out in to war, shouting: "Liberty or death"!

Our souls have already hit the bottom..."

+Monologue from Bogusław Schaeffer's "Scenariusz dla trzech aktorów"+


Języki, które znam:

  • szwedzki (Szwecja) | Język ojczysty
  • angielski (Zjednoczone Królestwo Wielkiej Brytanii) | Zaawansowany
  • polski | Zaawansowany

Języki, których się uczę:

  • japoński | Średnio zaawansowany